Kremlin Cottage Stables

Kremlin Cottage Stables is located in the hub of Newmarket providing easy access to the gallops on both Warren Hill and Racecourse side.

As a training centre, Newmarket is the ideal home for a racehorse. With over 50 miles of turf ground and 14 miles of artificial gallops, which are meticulously tended throughout the year by the Jockey club estates.

Located close to Cambridge, London and international airports such as Stansted, Newmarket is conveniently positioned for those travelling from afar.


“My primary goal is to create one of the world’s leading training establishments, to train winners at the highest level at the biggest meetings, and to provide owners with an experience for their overall enjoyment”.

James Ferguson

Facilities and Horse Care
Turn out paddocks
Boxes and Barns
Musculoskeletal Therapist

Facilities and Horse Care

  • Access to the entirety of The Jockey Club’s Newmarket Estate.
  • 2 x Circular covered horse walkers.
  • Turn out paddocks and pens.
  • Lunge Pen.
  • Digital Weighbridge.
  • Vet Box.
  • 3 Two-stall Horseboxes for travelling.
  • 4 American Style Barns.
  • Original brick-built yard.
  • Wash down bay.


“A world-class training centre at the headquarters of racing”

Horses have been trained in Newmarket in preparation for racing for over 350 years. Today the Newmarket Training Grounds, owned and managed by Jockey Club Estates, span 2,500 acres and boast an unequalled array of facilities in terms of their scale and variety.

The town is home to around 80 racehorse trainers and at peak season there are close to 3,000 horses in training. The town centre divides the training grounds into two, ‘Bury Side’ to the east and ‘Racecourse Side’ to the west. An extensive system of horsewalks across the town link the two.


Arioneo Equimetre – At James Ferguson Racing we make use of the Arioneo EQUIMETRE daily.

It is an all-in-one tool which simultaneously records cardiac activity, locomotion and GPS data during your horses training. It identifies the optimal fitness level to race by analysing heart rate and recovery data to assess fitness and to get baseline data to replicate before big events. The locomotor profile analyses the stride frequency and stride length of your horse and detects their preferred distance. Speed aptitudes measure your horses maximal speed and acceleration capabilities and quantifies the speed during each training session to analyse split times to view the best 200, 400 and 600m.

You can also quickly identify an underlying heart problem or abnormality and be able to quickly monitor and act accordingly. This has been a fantastic addition to our training programme.

Turn out paddocks

We have several dedicated turn-out pens for our horses to provide grazing and let down after galloping or racing.


Baker McVeigh

We have vets on site from Baker McVeigh (one of the leading vets in Newmarket) to ensure our horses are receiving top-class medical attention if required, at all times. We also have a dedicated Vet Box to carry out any medical treatments safely.


We are proud to partnership with SPILLERS™ Feeds to power our horses. We have a dedicated nutritionist at hand at all times to provide us with expert help and advice to ensure our horses are being fuelled proeprly.

Boxes and Barns

At Kremlin Cottage we have state of the art purpose built ‘American Style’ barns to hold the majority of our horses. This provides excellent ventilation and 5-star housing for our horses. We also have original brick-built boxes to provide for our horses which may benefit quieter living quarters and more space.

Musculoskeletal Therapist

We also have a dedicated musculoskeletal therapist on site who regularly treats all our horses before they run or with regular check-ups to ensure that any problems are identified and treated in order to provide the best possible care for our horses and achieve the maximal performance.  Steph has been a qualified McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapist for 12 years. She is also qualified in massage for animals,  acupressure therapy,  K-Laser therapy,  K-taping and Myofascial therapy.

“I usually mix a combination of all these treatments to ensure the horses are feeling great and are reaching their full potential.”

Our team

Integral to the success of the yard are our staff, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Yard & Office

Tory Hayter

Assistant Trainer

Aideen Marshall

Head Person

Alyson West

Travelling Head Person

Katie Webb

Travelling Head Person

Shaun Edwards


Stephen Mooney

Yard Manager

Theresa Shepard

Racing Secretary

Jane Palmer

Accounts Manager

Rachel Sharpe

Communications Manager

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